VPN trick to get legendry items PUBG Mobile

PUBG is at his high point in android games. Lots of new mode stuffs etc add in the PUBG mobile game and people want to get legendary item like gun skin, outfits etc. In Asia server there is a huge crowd and lots of people try to get good stuffs from creates but due to huge crowd it decrease the change to get good stuffs in PUBG mobile. No need to worry I tell you how you can get plus point to get the good stuffs in PUBG mobile when you open any creates.



 How to increase the chance to get good stuffs

This trick is done through vpn and selecting the different server. In other countries like Taiwan, Israel etc have low crowd and here you have better chance to get good stuffs for your PUBG mobile game.

 How to do that ?

  • First download the VPN like Solo vpn, VPN hub, hotshield VPN etc.
  • Then Connect to the server like Taiwan, Israel, Korea, Vietnam etc.
  • Check on google your ip address what location is showing on your ip address.
  • Then open PUBG mobile.
  • Go to the Creates and Tap on the item (don't Know it works or not) again and again.
  • Then open the Creates. "Got a Special Item"
  • If you lucky you will get the item. In other server you have better chance then the Aisa server.


Wait for the special offer like in classic create there sometime chance of good stuff 500% that is the good time to open create using the VPN trick.

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