How to Spawn with m249 in "Team Death Match"?

Pubg Mobile Introduce the new Game mode "Team Death Match" in 0.13 update.  Two team fight against each other and which team kills 40 first is the winner. This mode is cool and very helpful to improve your game skill because in this you face real enemy not bot or any moving target.

Team Death Match not have all the guns but they best guns in the game in which the best Weapon m249 is also available which you can find in the middle of the map inside the warehouse.

But how you can spawn and get m249 in your spawn area?

Its a very easy trick to get m249 in your spawn area when game start. When your waiting time start run fast as you can to the middle of the warehouse and pick the m249 now without wasting time run back to your spawn area. Maybe you not able to reach inside your spawn area or near its ok, just quickly drop the m249 before the time run out. 

Now when you spawn again when game start go to that place where you dropped your m249. Pick your golden gun m249 and have a ballast.

See the video how to do that .....


  • You have to do this within the waiting time.
  • Drop the weapon before you re-spawn.
  • You have to Reload the weapon which take time.
  • This trick only work one time when you drop this weapon before match start in next spawn there will be empty slot.

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